Meeting Playbook
for Introverts

10 Strategies to Have Your Voice Heard and Your Ideas Shine

Do you struggle to speak up or to have others listen to your ideas at meetings?

Are you tired of your extraverted colleagues hogging the spotlight, driving decisions, and getting praise for their “fast thinking” around the conference table?

If you answered yes, this resource is for you.

Why you need this guide

Introverts like us often find it daunting to participate powerfully and effectively in meetings and other group settings. Our penchant for thoughtfulness, deep reflection, and insightful analysis, while undeniably valuable, often puts us in the shadow of those who respond quickly and “think out loud.”

The fact is, meetings are a critical way that teams and organizations communicate and make decisions. And the way you “show up” at a meeting – the strength of your voice, the clarity of your ideas, and the way you connect with colleagues – affects the influence you have on decisions. Your effectiveness at meetings also impacts how others view you as a thought-leader, and accordingly, your prospects for recognition and advancement.

But hear this! As an introvert, you have innate talents and gifts that can help you speak your mind and share your brilliance without having to act all extraverted.

What’s Inside


Understand the Dynamics

Explore how introverted tendencies can clash with meeting settings and dynamics, and the implications for how you can communicate most effectively.


Learn Why it Matters

Understand how your participation in meetings can drive your stature as a thought leader, which is crucial for your professional growth, recognition, and advancement.


Strategies for Success

Delve into 10 actionable strategies designed to help you leverage your introverted strengths and empower you in every meeting scenario.

Hi, I’m
Stacey Chazin.

And I’m here to empower introverts
like you to lead from within.

As a leadership development coach and proud introvert, I am rewriting the narrative on introversion. Having grappled with societal expectations that favored extraversion, I underwent a remarkable transformation. Instead of conforming to societal pressures, I embraced my introverted qualities, turning them into powerful assets that allowed me to thrive both professionally and personally. Now, as a fervent advocate for introverts, I draw on my extensive corporate and non-profit experience, a master’s in organizational development and leadership, and certification as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) practitioner to empower introverts, guiding them toward self-acceptance, fulfillment, and success in the workplace and beyond.

Meeting Playbook
for Introverts

10 Strategies to Have Your Voice Heard and Your Ideas Shine

Seize the opportunity, make your mark, and watch your influence reverberate throughout your professional trajectory. Your voice matters, fellow introvert.

Let’s make sure it’s heard!