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Have you ever felt like your introversion is a barrier to your success, especially in settings that seem to cater to extroverts?

Today’s episode of the  Quiet and Strong podcast delves into the challenges and strengths of being an introvert in a world seemingly designed for those who thrive in a loud world while remaining true to themselves. Join host David Hall and leadership development coach Stacey Chazin as they dispel myths about introversion and provide practical strategies for success.

Learn how a Myers Briggs assessment can improve self-understanding, why appreciating introverted qualities can boost your professional life, and gain insights into effective goal setting that matches your reflective nature. This episode is a valuable guide for owning your introverted strengths and thriving in your personal and professional journey.

Tune in to unlock the full discussion and gather tools to confidently navigate conferences, leverage your thoughtful decision-making, and fully embrace your unique gifts. And be strong.

Meet Stacey Chazin

Stacey Chazin, a dynamic leadership development coach and proud introvert, is rewriting the narrative on introversion. Having grappled with societal expectations that favored extraversion, Stacey underwent a remarkable transformation. Instead of conforming to societal pressures, she embraced her introverted qualities, turning them into powerful assets that allowed her to thrive both professionally and personally. Now, as a fervent advocate for introverts, Stacey draws on her extensive corporate and non-profit experience, a master’s in organizational development and leadership, and certification as a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) practitioner to empower introverts, guiding to recognize their introverted strengths and use those gifts to succeed and receive the recognition they deserve in the workplace.

Media-Ready Questions


What is I-Factor Leadership?


Why is I-Factor Leadership so important now?


Why do introverts make great leaders?


What challenges do introverts often face in the workplace?


What are some effective strategies for introverts to increase their effectiveness, move up the corporate ladder, and receive the recognition they deserve at work?


What advice do you have for other introverts?


In what situations and environments to introverts often shine and thrive?


What is a trap for introverts?


What do introverts need to know about themselves?


How can introverts let their extraverted colleagues know what they need to be most effective at work?


Why is this important in the world of business today?


Why is this work important to you?


What inspired you to launch this project?


What behaviors and beliefs sabotage introverts’ success at work?


What is the appreciative coaching framework that underlies I-Factor Leadership?

Introduction for Hosts

Stacey Chazin is ready to help introverts step into their desired leadership roles. Her I-Factor Leadership program is based on an integrated coaching framework that uses a positive, appreciative lens to identify the core strengths and gifts of introverted professionals. This approach gives individuals the skills to own their personal power and transform their careers. Stacey, thanks for joining me.

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